His teams at RPC aim to provide a platform to enable lawyers to give great service to their clients; this includes LPM and pricing, legal process design, precedent and knowhow management, document automation, and rerouting the routine work that can / should be done by junior resource.

Austin is passionate about helping those at the start of their legal careers prepare for a 21st century legal sector by seeking to carve new career routes as credible alternatives to the traditional qualification route (and new entry points to that route).  RPC's apprenticeship programme starts this autumn.

Prior to joining RPC, Austin worked as director of LPO at Integreon and as an independent consultant on efficiency improvement projects for law firms and in-house legal teams, deconstructing and rebuilding workflows.  His experience ranges from renewing commercial, corporate and real estate processes for large commercial firms through to PI & RTA claims capture for an insurer-owned firm.