A series of structured discussions aimed at all those working in-house addressing various development topics, our 2020 sessions are going to focus on the following:

Resilience, reputation and personal networks - Wednesday 24 June 2020, Webinar session

In this session we are concerned with resilience, reputation and networks and how these play an important role in developing an effective and valued in-house legal team. We will discuss what resilience looks like and how it is developed; how reputation is built, maintained and undermined; and the importance of building networks inside and outside the organisation.

Managing lawyers in-house - Wednesday 23 September 2020

Career progression in-house will often mean taking a role with management responsibilities. In this session we look at managing, including clarifying roles and purpose; effective delegation; developing others; dealing with under-performance and bad habits; and being a role model.

Delivering the legal service to your organisation - Thursday 19 November 2020

In this session we will explore different aspects of providing a relevant, effective and valued service to the organisation, including clarifying the purpose of the team; prioritising workloads; outsourcing and working with external lawyers; helpful technologies; the role of feedback; and defining value and contribution.

Managing Up - Thursday 21 January 2021

The importance of managing up and doing it well can sometimes be overlooked when considering what makes a successful manager. In this session we look specifically at managing up, including why it matters; strategies that work and those that do not; managing up to lawyers and other executives; prioritising what’s important to your manager(s); reporting in a way that helps your manager and clarifies contribution and value.

2019 sessions included:

  • Career development
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Recovering from setbacks – when things go wrong for me
  • Managing and developing your team
  • Lawyers as thought leaders.
  • The legal service to your organisation: your part in it.
  • Recruitment and induction

2020 sessions included:

  • Developing an in-house career
  • Being personally effective

These events are limited to 12 individuals from a broad range of organisations and sectors.

The session will be facilitated by two former senior in-house lawyers (and members of CLL’s Advisory Board) and operated under Chatham House rules.

The next session we be held on the 29 April 2020 and will be a webinar.

Please let us know if you would be interested in attending or have any specific topics you would like to put forward for discussion,

Location: Webinar