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Continuous Improvement - what makes a great Job Description and a standout CV?

By giving us your input, we can help you!

CLL is expanding its analysis within the People Services team, lead by Rob Fowler, Peter Giblin and Bruce Macmillan. We are here to help in-house lawyers to shape their own personal needs assessments, roles and careers moves and to help them to design, run and hire their teams well.  

As part of this work, CLL are looking to find out what makes a great in-house CV, a high performing team org chart, the perfect job description and an attractive job advert. What are the individual elements to include? What is the structure? What words should be used?  By getting these things right law departments can ensure they maximise the chances of making the right hire and job seekers are correctly and fully profiled for roles.

We are looking to establish relationships with a limited number of law departments and individuals who are currently seeking roles to help with this project. In return individuals will receive some appropriate career guidance and advice from our experts, while law departments can get relevant help in the design of the job description and/or job advert for one related temporary or permanent in-house legal role.

If this is of interest then please get in touch today via the contact form here. Places are limited!