Financial CrimeCast

Welcome to Financial CrimeCast. In this series, the Centre for Legal Leadership, supported by RPC, talk to leaders in the field of financial crime, compliance and ethics.

Guests talk to Sam Tate, Head of White Collar Crime and Compliance at RPC to discuss their career journey, what they have learnt along the way and the financial crime issues they see on the horizon.

Episode 1 - Amanda Pinto QC

Sam is joined by Amanda Pinto QC, Chair of the Bar, the Bar Council of England and Wales, distinguished criminal law counsel and author of "Corporate Criminal Liability".  

Amanda talks to Sam about all things books, Brexit and belief in your own good ideas! They also discuss future financial crime trends including cross-border cooperation on investigations, and the growing demand for corporate accountability.

Financial CrimeCast - Amanda Pinto QC


Episode 2  - Andy McClarron

Sam is joined by Andy McClarron, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at Spectris.

Andy talks to Sam about all thing compliance, COVID and even chemistry! They also discuss why a solid compliance programme improves business performance, and the impact of COVID-19 on financial misconduct.

CLL Financial CrimeCast Andy McClaron


Episode 3  - Lucille Dolor

In this episode, Sam is joined by Lucille Dolor, a global leader in governance, compliance and business ethics. Lucille has a wealth of experience across a range of industries and is often at the cutting edge of thought leadership.

Lucille talks about her career journey and shares insights on developing your career. Sam and Lucille also discuss future financial crime trends developing out of the pandemic as well as her thoughts on challenges faced by Ethics and Compliance executives in the near to medium term.

CLL Financial CrimeCast Lucille Dolor


Episode 4 - Fidelis Omozuapo

In this episode, Sam Tate is joined by Fidelis Omozuapo, CEO of Adeste Advisory, an Africa focused business intelligence consultancy.

Fidelis talks about his career journey, how he transitioned from working with the Archbishop of Canterbury into the corporate intelligence world to support major conglomerates entering African markets. Sam and Fidelis also discuss future financial crime trends, including the risk posed by Bitcoin becoming mainstream in developing markets and the need to bridge the gap between AI and human-led financial crime investigations.

CLL Financial CrimeCast Fidelis Omozuapo


Episode 5 - Sarah Pritchard

In this episode, Sam Tate is joined by Sarah Pritchard, Director of the National Economic Crime Centre (NECC). The NECC was created to bring together law enforcement, regulators, prosecutors and the private sector to deliver a step change in the UK’s response to economic crime.

Sarah's diversified career has included investigations, legal and operational roles in both the private and public sector, giving her a truly holistic view of financial crime. Sarah talks about how she came to work in the field of financial crime, why you shouldn't fear being pigeonholed and the transferable skills of a trained lawyer.

CLL Financial CrimeCast Sarah Pritchard

Episode 6 - Sue Scott

In this episode, Sam is joined by Sue Scott, who until recently held the position of HSBC's Global Head of Anti-bribery & Corruption. During Sue's senior leadership positions she has led extensive risk management, policy development and global training projects.

Sue's career charts a fascinating course, from team secretary completing a law degree through night-school, to heading up global compliance change programmes for one of the world's largest financial institutions.

CLL Financial CrimeCast Sue Scott

Episode 7 - Osama Al Jayousi

In this episode, Sam Tate, Head of White Collar Crime and Compliance at RPC, is joined by Osama Al Jayousi, a world-leading expert in matters of compliance, risk management and governance with over 12 years' experience of managing compliance issues for multi-national FTSE 250 corporations.  

CLL Financial CrimeCast Osama Al Jayousi

Episode 8 James Walker

In this episode, Sam Tate, Head of White Collar Crime and Compliance at RPC, is joined by James Walker, Group Head of Ethics and Compliance at Compass Group, one of the largest catering & foodservice companies in the world. 

Financial CrimeCast James Walker


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