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Welcome to the website for the Centre for Legal Leadership! We hope you'll find the content useful and interesting.

This page takes you through the main areas of the site and what's included.


The homepage highlights some of the main elements of the site with links to interesting areas, viewpoints, events and contributor profiles. More details about some of these individual areas are included below.

It's also the place you can see individual news items which details the latest announcements and exciting developments at CLL. To keep fully updated you can also link to all the news items.


The main navigation items across the site - Knowledge, Viewpoints, Community and Events takes you into the main sections of the site.

The links to the top of the page and in the footer take you through to some special areas. Our story explains the idea behind the site and what we're trying to achieve, as well as some background information about the Centre for Legal Leadership.

The Contact Us page contains a form allowing you to get in touch with us.


The knowledge area of the site is the most expansive. This area consists of a bank of articles written by in-house lawyers and related subject matter experts on a variety of themes relevant to your career and carrying out your role.  We cover a very wide scope - except the law itself!

The first three sections "About you", "About your role" and "About your Team" will be supplemented soon with sections called "About your Company" and  "Wider Relevant Business Knowledge". From the landing page of each there are further chapters from which you can drill down to the articles. Do take your time to explore these sections. There is a lot of essential content which is all free to access.

All articles have been carefully reviewed by members of the in-house legal community to make sure that they are relevant, focused and representative of normal good practice or thinking. We estimate that almost all of the articles will have had in excess of 50 years of in-house legal expertise applied to them before you see them!  

Where possible we've added links to further reading and we'll also be adding the viewpoints of how senior in-house lawyers have applied some of the themes, approaches and suggestions in the articles.


Our community area is designed to reflect the activities of the core CLL team and contributors from the wider GC community. From here you can link into the individual profiles of those involved, including contact details.

You can also read the Viewpoints from our contributors across the GC community. These are essentially blogs, opinions and views from in-house lawyers. Contributions from across the industry is an essential part of what we want to be, a dynamic and vibrant site.


Our events page contains information about events of interest to the in-house legal community, not only those organised by CLL but also by other organisations.