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Technology and innovation in the in-house context

Bjarne P Tellmann, Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel at Pearson, considers the place of technological change in the evolving role of the GC

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  • 12 December 2018

    We've launched our advisory panel!

    We are delighted to announce our advisory panel who will support and enrich our in-house community!

  • 01 November 2018

    In-house collaboration - we need you

    We are excited to announce our role assisting Harvard Law School’s Distinguished Fellow Dr. Heidi Gardner, with her newest research project on collaboration within the in-house community.

  • 03 October 2018

    The gender pay gap - How level is the playing field?

    We held a discussion focusing on the retention of female talent through positive company values, processes, management skills, and how these can be embedded within the in-house team.