What is CLL?

CLL provides advice, insights and support to help you find your feet and build your career as an in-house lawyer. We cover everything from your first 100 days in the role, through team building and gaining respect across your organisation, to succession planning. Nothing like this has ever been created before.

And it’s freely accessible.

Why have you created this?

As the in-house legal community grows in size, stature, and complexity of roles, there’s an increasing need for a credible and durable source of answers to the questions in-house lawyers have.

How did CLL come to life?

We formed a team of in-house legal experts from diverse backgrounds. Their mission was to write, review and comment on content so that what we publish is relevant and appropriate in as many in-house contexts as possible.

The majority of our articles have the benefit of more than 50 years of in-house legal expertise behind them. Between three and five different in-house lawyers review most of the content across this site before it goes live.

In specialist areas increasingly relevant to in-house lawyers, such as mental health, Bitcoin and financial statements, we brought in experts to write the copy. We then made it lawyer-friendly through our review process.

Finally, we have the expert input of a copywriter to cast a dispassionate eye over what we write. This helps to ensure consistency of style and readability across the site.  

Is everything here relevant to me?

No two in-house lawyers work in identical circumstances. Differences in sector, geography and organisational culture, not to mention an individual’s own outlook, strengths and development areas, ensure everyone experiences the role differently.

This means there’s no common view yet on many of the themes we’ve covered. So, we’ve combined the expertise of a range of in-house legal experts to lay down a starting point for discussion on each topic. 

It may not always be right for your specific circumstances. Think of this site as a series of thought-provoking essays to test your outlook before making your mind up.

That said, most of the articles here will be relevant to you most of the time, regardless of the jurisdiction, scale, type of organisation or sector you work in. In time, as you add your comments and we fine-tune these pieces, they’ll become even more valuable to you.  

What happens next?

We want this site to be:

  • Clear
  • Concise;
  • Coherent;
  • Comprehensive;
  • Constantly updated;
  • Current; and
  • Community-driven. 

With your help, we’ll achieve these aims. Your comments and contributions will be a big part of the success of this site. We call this "counsel sourcing"!

Why the name Centre for Legal Leadership?

Quite simply, because we offer leadership to the in-house legal community.


Whatever stage you’re at in your in-house career, we’re here to help you understand what it takes to be a great in-house lawyer and run an excellent in-house legal function.


We provide a road map for in-house career paths by centralising (hence Centre) the experiences of many in-house lawyers along with related discussion groups and events. And we’ve made all this content easy to find, think about and comment on.

What other services do you provide?

We’ve got big plans. Coming soon are training events, webinars and other educational offerings including, we believe, a world first for in-house lawyers.

We’ll also be introducing a range of chargeable support services to in-house lawyers. These will cover coaching, mentoring, careers and hiring advice and support. This, along with the legal services RPC’s partners can provide, gives you a true one-stop shop.

How can I get involved?

By reading, commenting and contributing via our contact us or LinkedIn page.

Tell us what you like, don’t like or what you think merits a webinar or a discussion group. This is your resource and our aim is to improve it continuously with your input.

Who’s behind CLL? 

You can find out about the core team behind CLL and also our community of expert authors, contributors and reviewers. 

What is your relationship with RPC

The Centre for Legal Leadership was founded by RPC – which is best known as a law firm.  The firm's partners have invested in setting up the Centre in the form of a website stocked with pertinent content.  The Centre will evolve over time to provide networking events and services – particularly around professional development and education.


RPC's investment in the Centre is aimed at helping in-house lawyers with the aspects of their role beyond the purely legal.  Of course the firm hopes these value-added services will raise awareness of RPC and its wider offering available to existing and future clients, but there will be no hard sell of that side of the business.  Most of The Centre's services are free – and the cost of provision is borne by RPC – with some contributions from other featured organisations and individuals.  Specialist and tailored services from the Centre and its staff, eg bespoke education, will be charged for by agreement.  


Thank you

Bruce Macmillan