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Legal Leaders: Building and leading an in-house legal team

In collaboration with Thomson Reuters this programme focuses on a different theme relevant to the role and career of in-house lawyers.

  • Event date: 17 May 2023 02:00 PM
  • Event type: Webinar
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Provided by: The Centre for Legal Leadership and Thomson Reuters

Each event runs for one hour from 2.00 pm and includes a presentation by two prominent in-house lawyers together with a Q&A session.

Organisations typically operate and are structured in teams, including the legal function. How well the team works together and with others is often critical to its effectiveness and success. It needs the right balance of expertise and capability, clarity of purpose and direction and the right priorities and systems to best support clients and the organisation.

This sounds straightforward but the reality can be far more challenging. In this session, we will therefore look at what it really takes to build and lead an effective in-house legal team. How do you go about it, how do you maintain it and how do you improve and develop it? 

Our discussion will be led by two senior in-house lawyers, Stephen Braviner-Roman, General Counsel at the FCA and Charles Mayo, General Counsel at Secure Trust Bank. Both will look at the challenges they’ve faced and their tips to succeed in-house.

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