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CLL is a resource for in-house lawyers on everything other than the law

CLL provides advice, insights and support to help you find your feet and build your career as an in-house lawyer. We cover everything from your first 100 days in the role, through team building and gaining respect across your organisation, to succession planning. Nothing like this has ever been created before. And it’s freely accessible.


Viewpoint / The Bigger Picture Legal advice privilege extended to in-house foreign lawyers

Tina Campbell on 21/10/2020

Viewpoint / Progressing My Career Self-care for a creative brain

EH - Resized

Eric Ho on 21/12/2020

Viewpoint / Progressing My Career The resilient leader

Jacqueline Heron on 17/12/2020

14Jan 2021

Financial CrimeCast 4 Fidelis Omozuapo

In this episode, Sam Tate, Head of White Collar Crime and Compliance at RPC, is joined by Fidelis Omozuapo, CEO of Adeste Advisory, an Africa focused business intelligence consultancy.

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08Jan 2021

Enhance your career, impact and boost performance!

We are delighted to bring this fabulous complimentary coaching opportunity to you and welcome Donna to CLL.

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22Dec 2020

Imposter Syndrome

The RPC Female Insurance Group (FIG) Boardroom Ready series of webinars continued on 9 December with a close look at imposter syndrome, a subject of great interest to us at the Centre for Legal Leadership.

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15Dec 2020

Re-wire: look forward to retirement with a brain that’s still healthy

Eric Ho concluded his five-part Re-set series of webinars for RPC on 3 December with a compelling call to action: focus on the health of your brain today to enjoy an active life and independence in your retirement.

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21Jan 2021

Development Programme for in-house lawyers

In-house lawyers tell us that career development is an important issue for them, both for themselves and for any lawyers they manage.

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24Feb 2021

Communication, persuasion and problem-solving for in-house lawyers

This session concerns itself with the heart of the in-house lawyer’s trade: being a constructive and effective problem-solver.

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