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A complete guide to your career as an in-house lawyer

CLL provides advice, insights and support to help you find your feet and build your career as an in-house lawyer. We cover everything from your first 100 days in the role, through team building and gaining respect across your organisation, to succession planning. 

21Feb 2024

Webinar report: Being influential in your role as an in-house lawyer

Our 2024 Legal Leaders webinar programme in partnership with Thomson Reuters kicked off with a record attendance when Anthony Inglese and Paul Bentall welcomed two guest speakers to explore opportunities for in-house lawyers to exert influence.

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15Feb 2024

Webinar Report: Optimising Relationships for Growth and Success in an ESG Environment

At this webinar, we got to spend an hour with Ciarán Fenton to explore his thinking behind the book.

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09Jan 2024

Join our In-House Survival Peer Group for Future Legal Leaders!

A Mid-Level Survival Guide for Working In-House.

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22Feb 2024

Coaching programme: How to flourish as a senior in-house lawyer   Part 1

Here at CLL we are offering you the chance to attend a online, three part coaching programme developed by Pennington Hennessy Ltd, and delivered by Jamie Pennington.

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27Feb 2024

Putting your key stakeholders centre stage

In this session, Joanna Gaudoin will help you to consider your key stakeholders, including internal clients.

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07Mar 2024

Join our In-House Survival Peer Group for Future Legal Leaders!

We are developing a mid-level survival peer group for in-house legal professionals into a community, focused on supporting junior to mid-level professionals in their shared challenges, career growth and promotion aspirations.

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