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CLL is a resource for in-house lawyers on everything other than the law

CLL provides advice, insights and support to help you find your feet and build your career as an in-house lawyer. We cover everything from your first 100 days in the role, through team building and gaining respect across your organisation, to succession planning. Nothing like this has ever been created before. And it’s freely accessible.
23Nov 2023

Regulation Forum 2024

CLL host a quarterly forum for senior leaders in major regulators and in the organisations that they regulate.

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14Nov 2023

Webinar report: Manage your time, manage your sanity

In the final webinar of her 2023 Self-Marketing series, Joanna Gaudoin focused on time management.

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07Nov 2023

Webinar report: Managing and developing your career as an in-house lawyer

We were delighted that Ian and Simon collaborated with us to co-present a webinar and share practical insights relevant to every in-house lawyer – career development.

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05Dec 2023

In-house lawyers as leaders: what is good leadership?

In this session we will consider what legal leadership looks like and why it’s important.

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17Jan 2024

2024 Legal Leaders: Being influential in your role as an in-house lawyer

In this event we will explore what influence means for in-house lawyers and legal teams and how you can become more influential

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06Mar 2024

Women, Influence & Power in Law UK (WIPL UK) 2024

Connect with trailblazing women in the legal field at Women, Influence & Power in Law UK (WIPL UK).

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Rachel Dean on 02/08/2023

Viewpoint / Progressing My Career You're Hired! When and how to use a headhunter

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