The knowledge base is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about your role and career, except the law itself!
Each article has been written either by an experienced in-house lawyer or by a subject matter expert in the area.

All articles have been carefully reviewed by members of the in-house legal community to make sure that they are relevant, focused and representative of normal good practice or thinking. We estimate that most of the articles will have had in excess of 50 years of in-house legal expertise applied to them!

While the articles are opinions to help you to test and shape your own thinking, we believe they are very well informed and reflect the thinking of people who do, or have done, your role. Where possible we've added links to further reading and we'll also be adding the perspectives of how senior in-house lawyers have applied some of the themes, approaches and suggestions in the articles.

  • About You

    Before we can look at our role and what we want to achieve, we have to look at ourselves.

  • About Your Role

    Once you are clear that "in-house law" is the job for you - how do you go about doing it?

  • About Your Team

    All teams differ because of company size, services, structures, geographies, ownership models, regulatory requirements etc.

  • About the Company

    We seek to provide you with knowledge of how your own role can/may change and of the other people and functions with which you may interact while you are at "the top table".

  • Wider Relevant Business Knowledge

    There are many areas of wider business life that we need to be aware of in order to do our work well.

What to expect working in-house: the basics

To help you find out what to expect from an in-house legal role, we look at how, for general counsel, resources, priorities, processes and internal communications differ for general counsel and lawyers in private practice.

In detail

Working in-house - how different is it from private practice?

If you are thinking of moving in-house from private practice or vice versa then it is important to understand how the two types of role differ.

In detail

What is the role of the in-house lawyer?

The articles across this linked series explain how in-house practice differs from private practice; show some of the different roles open to you; and highlight the skills and aptitudes you’ll need to be successful.

In detail

The evolving role of in- house counsel

Here, we look at how technological, social and economic events have changed the business landscape – and how this affects the role of the in-house lawyer.

In detail