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Growth points in working relationships

At times of crisis or unusual stress the presence of trust in working relationships is more than ever vital in helping both individuals and organisations to come through events successfully.

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  • 18 June 2020

    What is the future of the legal profession?

    Business is increasingly global, ever more complex and subject to proliferating regulatory frameworks. How do in-house legal teams keep up?

  • 08 June 2020

    Smart collaboration - what is it?

    As the Covid 19 pandemic continues, more and more in-house legal teams are grappling with the challenges of diversity and inclusion and the day-to-day mechanics of collaboration.

  • 27 May 2020

    Breezing, not battling, through the day

    In collaboration with RPC, last week we hosted the webinar, A day in the life of a busy, successful ‘un-stressed’, ‘un-burnt out’ colleague, part of the Click and Reflect series, on 22 May.