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Make the most of a mediation - 10 Top Tips

Preparation for a mediation is key - you get out what you put in. 10 top tips for making the most out of the mediation process to successfully settle your dispute.

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  • 11 November 2019

    Recruitment and induction development session

    Our latest session (6 November) in the CLL Development Programme considered the important topic of the recruitment and induction of new lawyers.

  • 24 October 2019

    Upcoming events and newsletter

    From feedback received by you we have now developed a quarterly newsletter, plus a mail out dedicated to upcoming events, please contact us should you wish to subscribe!

  • 14 October 2019

    Struggling finding the right external lawyer?

    We recently met with Gareth Stephenson, co-founder of Top 3 Legal to find out how this tool can help in-house lawyers.