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The Work Couch podcast

Recently RPC's The Work Couch podcast, devoted a four-part mini-series to mental health at work.

The podcast series, brought to you by RPC's Employment, Engagement & Equality team, explores how businesses can navigate today's complex people challenges and respond to key developments in the ever-evolving world of employment law.

*Content Warning: This feature contains potentially sensitive content around mental illness that some may find distressing*

Mental health is a topic that has weaved its way through many of the podcast's previous episodes (for example, menopausepregnancy lossbereavement and addiction). It also affects many of us directly or indirectly, so RPC wanted to break down the stigma and open up the conversation by hearing about people's lived experiences, as well as exploring the practical and innovative ways in which employers can support their people.

In the  first instalment 'Mental health at work (Part 1): Turning despair into hope', host Ellie Gelder is joined by Jonny Benjamin MBE. Jonny's incredible story touched many people all around the world when his search to find the stranger, who talked him down from taking his life on Waterloo Bridge, went viral with the hashtag #findMike.

In this episode, Jonny shares his experience of mental illness, how a stranger on a bridge changed his life forever, and the hugely important work he's now doing to champion mental health, especially among young people. Take a listen here.

The mini-series tackles some challenging themes and features powerful stories from our inspirational guests. Crucially, it also offers tips to business leaders, managers and colleagues on how to implement effective mental wellbeing measures at work. Listen to the other episodes in the mini-series:

  • Episode two: Mental health at work (Part 2): Implementing effective mental wellbeing measures | With guest Neil Laybourn of NL Consulting and Mental Health at Work and the stranger on the bridge from Jonny's story.
  • Episode three: Mental health at work (Part 3): Protecting your employees' digital wellbeing | With guest Alice Hendy MBE of R;pple Suicide Prevention.
  • Episode four: Mental health at work (Part 4): Mental health first aid | With guest Simon Blake OBE of Mental Health First Aid England.

If you would like to subscribe to the podcast for further episodes please subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or visit RPC's website, www.rpc.co.uk/TheWorkCouch. If you have any questions or suggestions of topics you would like us to cover in a future episode please contact us at theWorkCouch@rpc.co.uk.

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