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Click and Reflect webinar series - Health and Wellbeing

In collaboration with RPC we are delighted to be promoting this webinar with coach and owner Eric Ho of Bumblebee Wellbeing.

  • Event date: 22 May 2020 10:00 AM
  • Event type: Webinar
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Provided by: RPC and The Centre for Legal Leadership
Eric Ho took us through a typical day of someone who used to feel lack lustre, and put it down to the stress and pressure of working as a City lawyer, before he discovered the foundations for sustainable health and wellbeing. 

He shared his perspectives and tips that can be incorporated into your daily routine, such as: 

  • The importance to start your morning well, and with intention 
  • Why self-¬≠care is not selfish
  • Why exposing yourself (to sunshine!) is one of the best ways to start your day in order to  start your next day refreshed
  • How expressing your gratitude can make you healthy
  • Unconventional ways to maintain your mental well-being when navigating your colleagues  who press your stress buttons
  • The three biggest food-¬≠like substances to avoid if you want to feel good and have a healthy brain.
  • Why sitting in your chair is worse than smoking, even if you exercise regularly
  • Concluding your day so you get your best sleep.