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What do CEOs want from their in-house lawyers?

2023 Development sessions

  • Event date: 10 January 2023 12:00 PM
  • Event type: Discussion
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Provided by: The Centre for Legal Leadership

Now in its 5th year, the CLL Development Programme is an interactive series built around all those issues that matter to in-house lawyers and covering skills, management, leadership, strategy, relationships and career. It’s open to all in-house lawyers, wherever you work and whatever your level of experience. 

Each session emphasises a different aspect of the in-house lawyer’s role and career and we encourage participants to bring along any issues of particular interest to them.

This session is about establishing the role and purpose of the in-house function so as to demonstrate the differences between wants and needs; who the client is; professional responsibilities and governance; and building working relationships with demanding colleagues i.e. CEOs and senior directors. 

CEOs and senior management teams are often clear about what they expect from the GC and the legal team (of whatever size). That’s fine but what if you think that these expectations are not aligned or result in the lawyers not being involved in work that they should be doing, or are involved too late, or results in them carrying out work that does not make the best use of your limited resources?     
In this session we will explore such questions as: -

“I can’t meet everyone’s expectations so how do I determine what the role and purpose of the legal function is?”

“The CEO’s wants and the organisation’s needs are not always the same. How do I navigate this?”

“How do I influence and persuade others on the benefits of involving lawyers in areas we’re currently excluded from or to get us involved earlier in the process?”

“I want Legal to be more involved but I know that that will mean us being even more swamped with work than we already are. I really need a strategy for providing legal services that makes the best use of our resources. But how do I go about formulating one?”

“We really need more people or resources to do the best job we can. But we’re already seen as a cost centre. How can I make a credible case for more when the expectation seems to be that we should be doing more with less?” 

The sessions last for 60 minutes and start at 12 noon. They take place under Chatham House rule and we don’t record the sessions or publicise attendance.

Attendance is free. You can attend all the sessions or any combination of them.