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The value of the in-house lawyer: measuring and communicating

2023 Development sessions

  • Event date: 17 October 2023 12:00 PM
  • Event type: Discussion
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Provided by: The Centre for Legal Leadership

Now in its 5th year, the CLL Development Programme is an interactive series built around all those issues that matter to in-house lawyers and covering skills, management, leadership, strategy, relationships and career. It’s open to all in-house lawyers, wherever you work and whatever your level of experience. 

This session will cover what in-house lawyers should be involved in; what shouldn't they do; knowing and measuring your contribution; and making the case for the in-house lawyer.

It can sometimes seem like others in the organisation are better at articulating the value and benefit that they bring to the organisation. Often, the in-house lawyers can seem reluctant to blow their own trumpets, perhaps because they haven’t really thought about where their value lies. 

Whatever the reasons, it is the case that being able to demonstrate value and contribution is important on several levels, not least because it informs how the legal team is seen and judged by others and because it’s important to the sense of purpose and fulfilment of the team itself. 

How then do you go about determining the value you bring as an in-house lawyer and how can you communicate this to maximum effect?

In this session we will look at such issues as: -

“Do we really need to articulate our value? We’re very busy, everyone knows what we do and we don’t get many complaints.”

“We’re being pressed to come up with some KPIs for the legal team. Can we find some that say more than what we do and what we cost to do it?”

“Our value lies in more than just our activity and keeping down legal costs. How can we explain our contribution in other respects, say by highlighting our proximity, business understanding, early warnings, and our network of relationships?”

“We outsource a fair percentage of our legal work. I know how much this costs but I need a way of measuring the value of the legal service being delivered to our organisation. How can I go about this?”

“We get feedback from clients but it’s not very structured and not that helpful unless something goes wrong. Is there a way to make it more useful in a way that really helps us improve our service?"

The sessions last for 60 minutes and start at 12 noon. They take place under Chatham House rule and we don’t record the sessions or publicise attendance.

Attendance is free. You can attend all the sessions or any combination of them. 

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