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Effortless Leadership for Lawyers - Pioneers Programme

In conjunction with Eric Ho, founder of Health for Success, we invite you to join the Pioneers Programme to chart the course for the leader you want to be.

  • Event date: 07 March 2023 12:00 PM
  • Event type: Webinar
  • Duration: Five 60 minute virtual sessions
  • Provided by: Health for Success and The Centre for Legal Leadership

Taking place over five 60-minute virtual live sessions on 23 January, 13 February, 7 March, 27 March and 17 April.

Watch this video to see if the Pioneers Programme is right for you.

This programme is for you if you’ve had enough of excelling at the “daily grind” of leading a team and you:

  • want to gain clarity about the leader you want to be;
  • achieve success at work without the cost to your health and your relationships, and 
  • have fun, engage with and learn from a heart-centred community of like-minded leaders.

You’ll learn how to apply the three pillars of Effortless Leadership:

  • RECLAIM the joy for what you do.
  • DISCOVER your capacity to connect.
  • UNLOCK your courage to change.

Over the five modules, we’ll help you:

  • gain clarity about what success looks like for you and the leader you want to be;
  • bring the joy back into what you do;
  • build your courage to change by learning how to use permission, awareness, failure, and curiosity to support you;
  • discover where most high-achieving leaders face disconnection – with their health and relationships – and how you can to tap into your capacity to close the gap.

In addition to the five live sessions, held every three weeks, you’ll get full support in between to avoid another year of stress testing your health and your relationships, and lead your team to achieve results that reward your heart as well as your bank balance. 

This programme is NOT for you if you want to be fire-hosed with information.

Our focus is on your transformation with:

  • live sessions – to embed your learning
  • “office hours” sessions – drop in to resolve any challenges you’re facing;
  • live webinars – guest speakers who will deep dive into specific leadership; challenges, like how to handle difficult conversations with your team;
  • private, online, ad-free community – share your experience, learn from your peers, and embed your transformation.

Live sessions will be held on 23 January, 13 February, 7 March, 27 March and 17 April, all at 12pm GMT. Times and dates for other sessions will be organised based on participants’ preferences.

Eric wants to hear from you about the topics you would like the Pioneers Programme to cover so the series can be tailored to you. 
Please email the answer to this question: "What is your biggest leadership challenge right now, and why?"

Those of you who contact us will be put into a draw to win a coaching session with Eric or one of the Health for Success coaches. There are three spots available. Winners will be contacted by email.

To register for these sessions please use the form below. As stated above we recommend that you try to attend all sessions. Within the form you can write in the comments what additional dates you'd like to attend rather than fill out separate registration forms for each event.

By submitting the form below, we will share your name and email with Health For Success for the purposes of the Pioneers Programme.

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