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Regulation Forum 2023

This is a virtual discussion for senior leaders in major regulators and in the organisations that they regulate.

  • Event date: 23 November 2023 08:30 AM
  • Event type: Discussion
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Provided by: The Centre for Legal Leadership

These are invitation-only, small group discussions (up to 16 attendees) that provide an opportunity for senior lawyers and executives to discuss topical and strategic issues in a virtual, safe environment under Chatham House rule. 

There will be four forums in 2023. Whilst there is a need to retain some flexibility around forum topics, we are currently planning to cover the following during the year: 

Key challenges in 2023 (23 March 2023)

We will invite attendees to talk about key strategic issues for their organisations in the year ahead, covering such matters as the impact of the recession and the energy crisis and the continuing fall-out from the pandemic, together with other relevant regulatory matters such as the impact on enforcement and sanctions, de-prioritisation, improving efficiency, risk and crisis planning and the impact on the ESG agenda.

Does regulation support or hinder growth? (22 June 2023)

With a political and economic emphasis on a global economic growth, we will explore how regulation can support business growth and innovation, whilst ensuring that markets work effectively by ensuring, for example, fair competition with the appropriate consumer and environmental protections in place. We will also explore the scope for collaboration and the sharing of creative thinking between regulators and regulated organisations and the challenges of doing business in different regulatory regimes and of regulating internationally.   

Acting and regulating in the public interest - what does it mean? (21 September 2023)

This session will look at the public interest obligations of regulated organisations and individuals in different sectors and how these can complement or conflict with business objectives. We will also consider the extent to which regulators regulate in the public interest and how they work to counteract regulatory capture . Related issues could also include commercial lobbying, regulating changing markets and likely policy and regulatory changes. 

The role of supervision, data and technology in effective regulation (23 November 2023)

Supervision can be an important regulatory tool and the ability of regulators to capture and interrogate meaningful data about their sector and use up to date technology are increasingly key factors in determining how effectively and efficiently regulators are able to regulate. In this forum we will explore how these areas are changing and the response of regulators and regulated organisations to an increasingly online and virtual business environment. 

If you are interested in attending or finding out more please contact us.