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Are you a senior in-house lawyer looking to enhance your personal leadership skills?

We are delighted to once again bring you this exciting virtual course: ‘The Lead In-House Lawyer’.

In collaboration with The University of Law 'The Lead In-House Lawyer' course aims to empower senior in-house lawyers, either looking to move up to the role of Head of Legal or already in such a role, to discover and/or elevate their skillset and confidence to thrive at this level in-house.

Attendees will draw on their lived experience to explore the gap between operating as in-house counsel and Head of Legal.

Topics covered in this course will be:

  • Strategy what is strategy, what is your company's strategy, what can you do to help align you, your team, and the company.
  • Stakeholder Engagement – Identifying and prioritising the needs and expectations of stakeholders so that the legal team is seen as organisational enablers, not business preventers. 
  • Risk Management – Understanding risk as seen from the company's perspective. How to be an integrated part of the whole risk-management function within your organisation.
  • Legal Operations – Management is focused on efficiency. How do you ensure that your team is prioritising the right things, and the whole business knows they are being supported?
  • Change Management – Change is inevitable. What skills and knowledge differentiates those people who successfully lead their teams through change, and those who are buffeted by events?
  • Understanding the numbers – How to understand the numbers and metrics that your organisation uses as internal and external benchmarks. Looking at budgets, how that effects your team and demonstrate value to your organisation.

Course dates all take place from 13:30 to 17:00 (UK Time) on the following dates:

Tuesday 10 September 2024 1330 - 1700

Tuesday 1 October 2024 1330 - 1700

Tuesday 22 October 2024 1330 - 1700

Tuesday 5 November 2024 1330 - 1700

Tuesday 26 November 2024 1330 - 1700

Tuesday 17 December 2024 1330 - 1700

An individual place costs £1995+VAT. There is a discounted rate at £1495+VAT  for CLL members.

Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance from ULaw/CLL upon completion.

To receive details of the course in full and information on how to register please contact admin@legalleadership.co.uk and pdpublic@ulaw.com or visit the dedicated page.
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