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Bruce comments:

“In-house law – especially at the team manager and head of legal level – is becoming a very different type of role from that of a private practice lawyer, as there is a much stronger focus on proactive business investigation and analysis to identify what business is doing and how this is touched by the law.

"Most in-house teams are pretty small, so they don’t really get tailored training from the businesses they are in; and they aren’t big enough to tailor services for themselves. We come across an ever larger number of people whose training was good, but didn’t suit them well.

"We have launched services to help law departments to run well, to make the right hiring decisions and to write good job descriptions. We’ve done a lot of market research and we wouldn’t bring it forward if there was no gap in the market.”

The Legal Week article is part of our drive to increase awareness of the Centre for Legal Leadership and grow our community.