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Centre for Legal Leadership Development Programme 2019 - Structured Development Sessions

The first two sessions were held in January and March and attracted in-house lawyers from a range of organisations and sectors. 

The career development discussion provided valuable insights into this important subject. Some of the themes discussed included:- 

  • the different career paths open to in-house lawyers and the ways in which in-house careers can develop
  • the skills that in-house lawyers need in order to be effective in their roles
  • the ways in which these important skills are learnt and developed
  • the value of mentoring and the benefits of participating in mentoring schemes.

The personal effectiveness session also involved a wide ranging discussion about what personal effectiveness looks like in an in-house legal role. 
Some of the key points arising in the discussion included: 

  • articulating the lawyer’s role in the organisation 
  • how to be influential  
  • how to deal with challenging ‘clients’
  • getting difficult messages across.

A number of helpful points emerged from both discussions, including useful practical examples of:-

  • the importance of having good mentors (whether under a formal scheme or not); 
  • the value in developing experience that is particularly relevant to the organisation or sector in which you work or would like to work in; 
  • the need to build trust and influence through adherence to high standards and good inter-personal skills;
  • the importance of clarity around the role of the lawyer and the legal function in the organisation;
  • finding the right balance between the lawyer’s role as an enabler of business goals and objectives and a steward of legal compliance and high standards;
  • the value in building good relationships inside and outside the organisation based on respect and integrity and an understanding of the lawyer’s obligation (and willingness) to sometimes dissent and say ‘No’;
  • the importance of developing self-awareness and playing to one’s strengths whilst also addressing one’s weaker areas.        

The development programme sessions allow lawyers to share their experiences and insights while also learning from their legal peers. This all happens in a relaxed, confidential setting. Our feedback tells us that lawyers value the opportunity to share experiences and best practice with other in-house lawyers. 

We are holding other sessions in 2019 as part of the development programme. Each session involves a small, invited group of lawyers and takes place in the morning (with breakfast available). The sessions are free to attendees.

Although by invitation only, do please let us know if you want like to find out more about our development programme or would like to be part of it. We are also able to host sessions targeted at particular sectors and types of organisations. Contact us here.

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