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How can the SQE benefit your in-house legal team?

In collaboration with BARBRI, we are delivering a webinar on the SQE and the opportunities for In-house legal.

The SQE has been running for nearly two years. 

Although law firms have understandably been quick to react to the change in pathway, the in-house market is seemingly more hesitant to embrace the change, and start nurturing their talent through this new pathway. 

Tom Armstrong, Business Development Manager at training provider The BARBRI Group, shares his views from personal conversations with in-house lawyers on the  2 key determining factors in up take of the SQE.

If you would like to find out more about the SQE, and hear from individuals actively involved in each area -  from the training provider, to QWE and in-house specialists, to the head of a unique legal team who have recently implemented the SQE, please join CLL and BARBRI for our event -  SQE Legal In-house 101: Attracting, Nurturing & Retaining legal talent on the 13th September, 13:00-14:00.

Full details can be found here.

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