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In-house collaboration - we need you

We are excited to announce our role assisting Harvard Law School’s Distinguished Fellow Dr. Heidi Gardner, with her newest research project on collaboration within the in-house community.

We are eager to hear your views on how collaboration works for you? And if it doesn't, why? 

The complexity of today’s problems calls for members of in-house legal teams to collaborate across disciplinary and structural boundaries to tackle their organisation’s most sophisticated issues.

They must integrate their individual, specialised expertise in order to deliver high-quality, customised outcomes on high-priority problems.  Increasingly, they must also rely on experts in other functions throughout their company, and to become “business partners” with managers and executives. 

By truly collaborating, a team of professionals is able to create solutions than none could develop alone, no matter how clever or hardworking.

Yet, collaboration is rarely seamless. Think specifically about your experiences collaborating at your current organisation.

Taking part is easy and involves completing a very short survey, which can be found here.  

The survey is open to all those in-house and across all sectors.

Dr. Gardner will be using this research to support her publication 'Smart Collaboration for In-House Legal Departments’ to be published by Globe Law and Business in May 2019.

CLL will be co-hosting an evening discussion to celebrate the launch.

To register interest click here.


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