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Session #1 - Developing an in-house career

In this first session of the 2020 programme we will explore how in-house lawyers can develop their careers; how this looks in different types of organisation; the skills and attributes needed to build a successful in-house career; the role of managers and mentors in developing others; and the role of career planning.

Session #2 - Being personally effective

This session is concerned with those skills and behaviours that support in-house lawyers in being effective in their roles and how these form the basis of a successful career. Relevant matters include understanding and applying the law; understanding risk in your organisation; communicating legal advice; working with others; and dealing with pressure.      

Session #3 – Resilience, reputation and personal networks

In this session we are concerned with resilience, reputation and networks and how these play an important role in developing an effective and valued in-house legal team. We will discuss what resilience looks like and how it is developed; how reputation is built, maintained and undermined; and the importance of building networks inside and outside the organisation.

Session #4 – Managing lawyers in-house

Career progression in-house will often mean taking a role with management responsibilities. In this session we look at managing, including clarifying roles and purpose; effective delegation; developing others; dealing with under-performance and bad habits; and being a role model.

Session #5 – Delivering the legal service to your organisation

In this session we will explore different aspects of providing a relevant, effective and valued service to the organisation, including clarifying the purpose of the team; prioritising workloads; outsourcing and working with external lawyers; helpful technologies; the role of feedback; and defining value and contribution.

Session #6 – Managing Up

The importance of managing up and doing it well can sometimes be overlooked when considering what makes a successful manager. In this session we look specifically at managing up, including why it matters; strategies that work and those that do not; managing up to lawyers and other executives; prioritising what’s important to your manager(s); reporting in a way that helps your manager and clarifies contribution and value.

Should you be interested in attending any of these sessions or would like further details, please contact us!