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Join your community clinic!

An initiative for you and by you.

Last year we asked some of our community to join this exciting endeavour that will hope will benefit you! They have been busy behind the scenes answering questions that we have received.

The clinic is a space where in-house lawyers (you) can submit questions to each other in relation to the role of the in-house lawyer, to help with career growth and development.

Questions currently range from What is the best approach to get a "seat at the table"? to Is the legal department just about 'firefighting'?

These articles are published continually and we welcome comments to help create a discussion within your community.

Should you wish to participate by submitting a question or would be interested in answering a few, please do contact us. The more of you we have participating will benefit the Clinic significantly! 

Please note that you do not have to be a lawyer to participate.

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