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Navigating Changing Regulation - horizon scanning

RPC's Regulatory Radar

Horizon scanning is a cornerstone to the in-house team and a regular area of discussion for us at CLL.

How to filter through the wave upon wave of information out there constantly hitting the inbox from a vast array of networks never ends. Digesting what's important on the legal scene, what's of importance to your industry and what is vital to your business on top of 'business as usual' and 'unforeseen issues' can be, well let's just say 'challenging'!

Those of you who know CLL well, know we don't do 'legal' advice. We address anything else that resonates in-house but not the actual law. However we do know those that do! And to assist, we are bringing a raft of key legal updates to you from our friends, the legal experts, at RPC.  

Starting with Regulatory Radar: quick takes - May 2024.

This edition includes a range of open consultations, including regulated product authorisation processes, fairer food labelling, the UK carbon border adjustment mechanism, and proposed changes to FCA enforcement investigations.

Leading on from this, RPC are hosting their first in-person annual Beyond the Radar event on 18 September which we will be attending so please do join us.

With the theme of "navigating changing regulation", the event offers early access to the next edition of Regulatory Radar, and a preview of the key themes emerging from our joint research into the regulatory concerns and priorities for the in-house community.

The afternoon includes interactive masterclasses on the key areas of:

Navigating ransomware incidents: an interactive masterclass.
Mastering the dawn raid: an interactive response workshop.
Internal regulatory investigations: a comprehensive workshop. 

Don't miss the opportunity to join us for a hands-on, informative afternoon delving into the ever-changing regulatory landscape, and of course the networking session afterwards.

If you would like to get your voice heard in this research, then please click here.  It can be anonymous, and you only need complete what's of concern to you.

RSVP here to reserve your spot and we hope to see you.
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