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Recruitment and induction development session

Our latest session (6 November) in the CLL Development Programme considered the important topic of the recruitment and induction of new lawyers.

In-house lawyers from different organisations and sectors came together to discuss the issues and challenges that arise and to share their thoughts, ideas and best practice.

Recruiting a new lawyer, or lawyers into your legal team, is rarely a quick process. Nor should it be, as it is important for you (and your prospective recruits) to get the process right so that you know that the person(s) you appoint will meet your needs and requirements for the role and will be a good addition to the team. And having made the appointment you then want to ensure that your new colleague(s) settles into the role, the team and the organisation, as smoothly as possible.

There was agreement on the vital importance of recruitment and induction and getting them right. Some of the themes emerging included where in-house teams recruit from; the skills they’re looking for in new recruits; what skills need to be learnt and developed; interview and assessment processes; and the pros and cons of trainees in in-house law.   
The session provided attendees with the opportunity to network, pass on their experience and learn from others. We will be following up the session with a longer piece about this important topic. 

This was the 6th and final session in the 2019 programme. We are planning more sessions for 2020 exploring both familiar and new topics. 

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