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The Quorum Initiative: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

We are eager to bring this Zoom session to you courtesy of The Quorum Initiative who have kindly offered a number of free spaces to CLL (normally worth £20).

Join London based Nazish Bhaiwala, Founder, Red Arbre and career coach for this session on Monday 26th April at 5pm-6pm BST.

Imposter Syndrome can make people feel anxious and alone at work, but there are effective strategies and practical exercises that can help to make things better. In this session, London-based coach, Nazish Bhaiwala, will discuss:

Why do I feel like an imposter? What is Imposter Syndrome?
Tips on overcoming your imposter feelings and starting to feel better.
Tools to reduce anxiety and enjoy your work.

Nazish Bhaiwala, Founder and Career Coach at Red Arbre, is a former employment lawyer and qualified workplace mediator who coaches professionals on being happier at work.

She has been fortunate to have worked with a variety of lawyers from both the corporate and international NGO sectors, as well as a range of other professionals including management consultants, UN personnel, entrepreneurs, and finance professionals.

Nazish specialises in Imposter Syndrome at work and presents workshops and coaches individuals on overcoming their imposter feelings. In 2018 she carried out a series of interviews of female international human rights lawyers from all over the world about their experiences of Imposter Syndrome. Combining this global scale learning with her own coaching experience means she has an in-depth and unique understanding of Imposter Syndrome and the coaching tools and strategies that can help to overcome it.

Please note that your details will be passed to the Quorum Initiative who are hosting the event.
We have a limited number of free places left that will be available on a first come first served basis so contact us!

The Quorum Initiative is a member based organisation located in New York, Washington D.C. Chicago and London. Their mission is to accelerate the advancement of executive women to have greater impact in business, culture and public policy.


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