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Natalie Jobling


An experienced in-house lawyer, Natalie has spent much of her career developing the skills of her colleagues in business and legal teams.

At Ford Credit and Network Rail, she transformed groups operating as individuals into world-class teams. In doing so, she empowered the members of those teams to develop skills, gain promotions and achieve career milestones well beyond their expectations.

At Network Rail, Natalie managed the legal practicalities of the organisation’s return to the public sector. Her role involved getting to grips with new rules, negotiating derogations where possible and creating a new governance process. Natalie organised a training programme for the entire business, which covered areas as diverse as procurement, settlement of litigation, political activity and charitable donations.

Natalie speaks frequently at conferences on the themes of managing and developing in-house legal teams and lawyers and panel management.

Between 2007 and 2014, Natalie was chair of the C&I training committee. In this role, she led the provision of training for in-house lawyers by in-house lawyers on both legal issues and management skills.