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Peter Arthur


Peter is an executive coach with over 37 years' experience as a corporate lawyer in South Africa.

Peter's approach to coaching is significantly influenced by his experience in the workplace as a corporate lawyer both as a partner in Africa’s largest law firm and as a General Counsel of a FTSE 100 company.

During his time in role he realised that there is a strong link between optimal performance in the world of work and emotional robustness. Accordingly, where appropriate, he works with clients to focus on their inner strengths and self-awareness in relation to the goals which clients have established for their coaching sessions. 

Through his own experiences, he has a good understanding of the pressures that clients face when trying to balance meeting the needs of their own demanding clients with life outside the office as well as finding a successful route through complex relationships and less than optimal management of people. 

For more information please contact Peter directly at petera@cantab.net

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