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Storytelling and Authentic Leadership

We are delighted to highlight this session hosted by the Female Insurance Group (FIG) at RPC.

  • Event date: 23 March 2021 10:00 AM
  • Event type: Webinar
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Provided by: RPC - Female Insurance Group (FIG)

Many professionals  have a challenging relationship with being a leader. For many women, given that leadership role models may be lacking there’s an additional challenge.

In this session author and management consultant Catherine McGregor will outline some ideas and practical  techniques which can allow you to find your stories as a leader. 

Rebecca Cater, Head of CLL will be hosting this event.

The blueprints for finding a style of leadership that resonates with us and is authentic is often not there in our organisation. Authenticity in leadership is increasingly seen as desirable. It’s about being yourself. But what if your sense of self doesn’t include seeing yourself as a leader? How can you step into leadership but also keep connected with what makes you, you?

Storytelling is a fundamental means to connect with others. It’s also a way that leaders can show their authenticity and humanity.

Storytelling will help leaders coalesce others around a purpose.

But how can you build narratives around yourself and your  leadership which are authentic but also allow you room to grow professionally?

To register for this session please contact webinars@rpc.co.uk