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Developing your in-house legal skills

An interactive webinar series

  • Event date: 22 June 2022 11:30 AM
  • Event type: Webinar
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Provided by: The Centre for Legal Leadership

We are delighted to bring you a new, special series of webinars aimed at your professional development in collaboration with Victoria Swedjemark, Founder of Glowmind, who has over 20 years' experience of working both in private practice and in-house as General Counsel. Victoria is a partner at Venturis Consulting Group.

Victoria helps legal departments clarify their focus, add more value, work smarter and build the capabilities needed tomorrow. In these webinars she will share her best tips and approaches, and there will also be interactive elements.  

We held the first session Having the right focus as a legal team in December 2021, the second on the 3rd of February 2022 which looked at agile law and the third “Delawyering” on 21 April 2022 which focused on a strategy to find better focus and free up time, why we need to move lawyers out of some work and how we can do it. All have been well received.

The next webinar is scheduled as follows: 

Skills and mindsets for tomorrow 22 June  - 11:30 BST 

How do we need to level up for the legal function of the future? 

In this discussion we expect to explore a range of issues relevant to this important topic, including:

  • Why AQ is the new IQ;
  • How the lawyer mindset can create; traps for us moving into the future;
  • What new skillsets we need to develop in Corporate Legal;
  • What new mindsets we need to develop in Corporate Legal; and
  • How we can drive our development to future proof and stay relevant.

Should you be interested in attending, register your interest below or email us at admin@legalleadership.co.uk.