An overview of a typical company ecosystem

This diagram on this page shows how a typical company works at the organisational and process levels. There are, of course differences between organisations in some areas, however all will have most of these characteristics in common.

The arrows in this diagram highlight the legal relationships that you’ll need to document, monitor, manage and rectify if anything goes wrong. This means you’ll need to understand them all from a legal and governance perspective.

They will be happening in all organisations, although sometimes in an undocumented and inconsistent way. However, as these relationships are also central to how the business operates functionally, you can use your knowledge to understand who is driving the business – and how. This will help you ascertain who your main contacts across the organisation will be and define the nature of your working relationship with them. Use this diagram to understand all aspects of how your organisation works. Please download the document to see the detail.



Diagram of a typical company ecosystem


CLL Typical Company Ecosystem (PDF 27 KB)