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ACC - the power of "Counsel Sourcing" solutions to your problems in Cascais!

It was a pleasure to participate in this year's ACC Europe in-house lawyers' conference in Cascais Portugal.

This annual conference by in-house counsel for in-house counsel provides a great opportunity for 300+ in house legal leaders to share issues, problems, solutions and to network – in short it does in physical form over 3 days what CLL seeks to do year round online, by phone and in person – which is why we were pleased to be there!

It is events like these that remind us that, despite often feeling that the problems that we face are unique, in reality many other Counsel in different companies, countries and economic sectors are also experiencing the same or similar issues. So a problem shared is often a problem solved – or at least a common intractable problem!

This is why we are so keen to encourage Counsel to share the issues and challenges that they face within the context of our website, our online pages, our trade discussion groups and our workshops.

So please have a look at the problems and the solutions that in-house counsel have already posed in the "Knowledge" section of our website and tell us your views:

  • What is right?
  • What is wrong?
  • What is different in your sector or country?
  • What is missing?
  • What you would like us to help run a trade group to discuss?

In short tell us where you would like us to help you to seek other Counsel to Source a solution to your problem and we will see if we can help you to get an answer!