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Effortless Leadership for Lawyers: Pioneers Programme

Calling all pioneering lawyers who've had enough of excelling at the "daily grind" of leading a team and want to become Effortless Leaders.

Join Eric Ho, founder of Health for Success, from 23 January 2023 as he and his team help you become Effortless Leaders in the Effortless Leadership for Lawyers: Pioneers Programme.

Leading a team of lawyers sometimes feels like you're a professional fire juggler. You've been handed the torches, only someone has dipped the whole torch in lighter fuel, so when they toss you the torch, the whole thing's on fire. You're holding each one for just long enough so your hands don't burn.

Do you want to avoid exhausting yourself into another year of uncertainty, juggle without sore hands and lead your team with your heart?

Do you want to get rid of that sinking, stressy, panicky feeling and instead become the heart-centred, impactful leader you know you can be?

Watch the video here.

Eric says, “Inside the Pioneers Programme, I help leading lawyers become the heart-centred, impactful leaders other leaders secretly admire. When they adopt the 3 Pillars for Effortless Leadership, they can stop wasting time on learning yet more quick tips that fail to work when it really counts, and they’ll never have to worry about succeeding at work at the expense of their health and relationships.”

Visit the dedicated events page to sign up and find out more.