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How do you move your career forward?

Joanna Gaudoin will be looking at the essential non-technical skills people need to be aware of.

The Quorum Initiative have kindly offered free places for this online event.

This session will look at the essential non-technical skills people need to be aware of and work on, not only to progress their careers overall but also to navigate their day-to-day working lives effectively.

Joanna will explore the motivation for her new book, the topics it covers and why they matter for your career overall and your everyday fulfillment and enjoyment!

Getting On: Making work work was released on November 29, 2022. Copies can be ordered here.

Taking place on the 25 January at 5pm GMT.

Contact us to reserve your space. Please be aware that we will share your email address with The Quorum Initiative, who will be in touch with joining instructions.

Moderating this session will be our very own Rebecca Cater - Head of CLL!

About Joanna Gaudoin

During her former corporate career in marketing and consultancy, Joanna realised that being successful involved skills that weren’t being developed or talked about. These ‘other’ professional skills involve knowing how to manage your own Personal Impact and how to effectively build relationships, both internally and externally. 

Joanna has run her business, Inside Out Image, for over a decade and has worked with thousands of people, both individually and in group sessions. 

Her clients include Forsters LLP, Staples Inn Actuarial Society, Joelson Law, Mastercard, Thomas Miller, HSBC, Marcuson Consulting and Allied Irish Bank, as well as hundreds of individuals.

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