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We have updated our website!

Making it easier for you to find articles and viewpoints.

If you explore the CLL website you will notice some changes!  That’s because the CLL team, working in partnership with our digital agency partner 3Chillies, has just launched the second part of our improved website.

Earlier in the year, we refreshed our homepage and now we’ve worked hard to deliver wider improvements across the site. I’m excited about the results and the way it will allow us to evolve the site going forward.

At CLL we aim to support the professional community and development of in-house legal teams; here, the CLL website plays an important role with an extensive knowledge library of articles authored by subject matter experts, and a steady stream of opinions and views from across the professional community through our “viewpoints”.

One of the main pieces of feedback we’ve received is that sometimes our knowledge articles and viewpoints are hard to find. The main aim of our new changes is to make it easier for you to find our most valuable content that supports your professional development.

We’ve delivering this in several different ways:

I’d love to hear what you think of the new site. We’re sure we will have not quite got things right; our community drive CLL and we really hope to make improvements based on your feedback. The new enhancements also mean we have a great springboard to extend the content, creating new topic areas and adding more valuable content such as video.

If you have any feedback or questions please get in touch!

Rebecca Cater
Head of CLL

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