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Amanda Lord


Amanda is a Barrister turned High Performing Team Consultant, helping teams of all sizes establish simple, effective working protocols.

The journey from the Commercial Bar to my current portfolio career, centred around High Performing Teams with some Legal Consultancy thrown in, may seem unusual amongst my peers; but probably less so to the current generation. 

Having graduated with a Law degree from Queens’ Cambridge and spent the Bicentenary year of 1989 lecturing at the University of Paris, I then qualified and practised as a Barrister for 12 years before heading off down a more entrepreneurial path that ultimately led me back to Law as a squatter with my old set, 3VB. 

In between, I have been exploring the fascinating topic of how humans work best together through various practical outlets; founding networks, raising a family and working with various groups in various ways until I finally found a way to combine my two career-passions of law and effective teamworking. 

I see my role as a combination of guide, facilitator and fellow-traveller (since there is no one-size-fits-all solution and there is always more to learn) for anyone, organisation or individual, that yearns to be part of a well-functioning (and therefore happy) high performing team.

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