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Priscilla Pollara


Priscilla Pollara is the Managing Director of Top Trick, a consultancy through which she mentors businesses in all aspects of their communications: demystifying PR and the media, simplifying personal branding and offering highly specific reputation advice. 

Top Trick, which is the culmination of years spent in journalism, was founded because  promotion can be a full-time job and no one can afford to neglect it. Priscilla understands, however, that it remains a stumbling block that stands in the way of progress, whether personal or commercial.

Priscilla's aim is to make sure that everyone promotes themselves and what they do in the most effective way possible. She works with a lot of small businesses on a 1:1 basis, helping them attract the eye of journalists and become more visible in crowded markets, runs workshops with corporate teams who are keen to raise their individual profiles in cut throat environments and is a regular speaker at private and public events, covering reputation, winning in an overwhelmed business market, and how simply to get ahead of the pack.  
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