Cloud Services: it all lands somewhere

Remembering that clouds are not only about the silver lining

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Bruce Macmillan on 13/09/17

For many people Cloud services are a wonderful nebulous concept with a lovely income increasing (or cost reducing) silver lining. Put it all in the cloud and your costs, your problems, your hardware all go away.

However, in reality, while some of the cloud is flying around, between satellites and the earth and between mobile phone masts; much of it is grounded in reality in fibre optic or copper cable running under your feet or under the sea and in servers in data centres - it's just that they are not data centres that you own or control. One clumsy digger operator, one fishing trawler dragging its nets in the wrong place, one bit of space debris, one flood, one power outage, one terrorist …

In other words, what we take for granted is not necessarily all that robust from an infrastructure perspective - so when thinking about putting your company's "life blood", its data, into the cloud - don't just do contractual and electronic cybersecurity risk assessments - you should get physical too

And, of course, one of the virtues of the cloud (and, a perceived advantage, of blockchain) is that your data is often scattered over many locations - great in an ever integrating, trusting and cyber secure world. But in a hackable, GDPR and Brexit (potentially being much more restricted within national boundaries by a discontinuation of harmonising international regulations) world… being absolutely sure that you know exactly where (and only where) your data is going (and which corporate entities own, directly or indirectly, those data stores and under whose governmental controls they fall under) is becoming more, rather than less, important.

So, if "it" matters to your business (and "it" should otherwise you are wasting money doing "it" - whatever "it" is) then it is important that someone understands properly how the Clouds that you propose to use touch the ground and that this forms part of your risk management approach - otherwise you may get drowned.

If you would like to know more about the Cloud and about Blockchain please click here for our article on this topic.

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