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Contracts Advice and Training ("CAT") that work for the business and are used well

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Bruce Macmillan on 12/07/18

Training is a critical element of any compliance programme and with the increased emphasis placed on robust compliance programmes by enforcement authorities, it is important that you get it right.  Comprehensive, regular, and frequently updated training, including feedback  will raise awareness and act as a preventative measure, if things do go wrong. Evidence of an appropriate compliance programme can reduce and in some cases negate a regulatory fine. Remember "one size fits all" training rarely works.  

Given its importance, consider investing in an online solution. Whilst budget might be an issue, in the longer term, the benefits of moving your training online (even if only to FAQ, guidance notes, decision tree flow charts on PowerPoint, screensaver messages, or YouTube videos connected to your Intranet) will outweigh the initial outlay. At the very least, it will generate time savings in terms of legal resource allocated to face to face training (or paying an external firm to do it). Consider also if you can utilise an existing platform used elsewhere in your business, HR or L&D for example, to offset the cost. 

Contract auto-population tools and procurement and sales workflow management tools can also be populated to train as well as to guide and to ensure compliance – be innovative!  

An online solution will allow you to deliver a consistent message that reaches everyone that it needs to reach. You can incorporate testing to evidence understanding (products like Survey Monkey make this very cheap, quick and easy to arrange) and this will provide data with which to bespoke any follow up training to address specific concerns. Ongoing administration will reduce significantly and should you ever need to provide evidence of the effectiveness of your programme, you will have an audit trail to allow you to do so easily.
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