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Development sessions 2023

Now approaching its 5th year, the CLL Development Programme is an interactive series built around subjects that matter to in-house lawyers and covering skills, management, leadership, strategy, relationships and career. It’s open to all in-house lawyers, wherever you work and whatever your level of experience.

Each session emphasises a different aspect of the in-house lawyer’s role and career and we encourage participants to bring along any issues of particular interest to them.

In-house lawyers tell us that they value the opportunity to take time out from business as usual to meet with other in-house lawyers and talk about all those issues relevant to their roles and careers, which can get lost in the hurly burly of everyday legal practice. 

We have developed a structured programme of four virtual sessions to allow small groups of lawyers to get together and share their experience, learn from others and build their networks.

The sessions last for 60 minutes and start at 12 noon to fit in with busy schedules. They take place under Chatham House rule and we don’t record the sessions or publicise attendance.

Attendance is free. You can attend all the sessions or any combination of them. 

Do come along and participate in the discussion. We’d love to see you.

Here is a brief summary of each session, together with examples of some of the discussion points that we may cover. 

Session 1 What do CEOs want from their in-house lawyers?  - 10th January
Focusing on establishing the role and purpose of the in-house function so as to demonstrate the differences between wants and needs; who the client is; professional responsibilities and governance; and building working relationships with demanding colleagues i.e. CEOs and senior directors. 

Session 2 From firefighting to efficiency: how to manage the workload – 21st March
Covering strategy and planning; prioritising; resourcing, recruitment and training; and working relationships.

Session 3 The value of the in-house lawyer: measuring and communicating 17th October
Covering what in-house lawyers should be involved in; what they shouldn't do; knowing and measuring your contribution; and making the case for the in-house lawyer.

Session 4 Lawyers as leaders what is good leadership? 5th December
Looking at the characteristics of legal leadership; developing leaders; persuading and influencing others; and the ethical dimension.

To register or find out more use the links above or visit our events page.
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