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Thomson Reuters Event Collaboration 2024

We are delighted to be continuing our special content partnership with Thomson Reuters into 2024.

Once again four virtual events will be brought together under the continuing title of 'Legal Leaders Programme' and, focusing on different themes relevant to the
role and career of in-house lawyers.

Each event will run for 60 minutes, starting at 2pm GMT, and will include presentations and knowledge sharing by prominent in-house lawyers with  the opportunity for a short Q&A.

Dates and themes are:

1. 17 January - Being influential in your role as an in-house lawyer -we will explore what influence means for in-house lawyers and legal teams and how you can become more influential in your relationship with ‘clients’, colleagues and with other key stakeholders.  Access the recording

2. 17 April -  The major challenges facing in-house lawyers today -we will explore some of the key challenges facing in-house lawyers in 2024, whether in relation to such as the practicalities of ‘getting the job done’, recruitment, retention, resources, remote working, demonstrating value and the effective use of technology - in addition to the challenges posed by new and changing risks and the pace of business change generally. 

3. 16 October - Lawyers as leaders – the importance of personal effectiveness -we consider what personal effectiveness is for in-house lawyers, how it’s developed and what are the things that really make a difference to how well an in-house lawyer does their job, including a look at the traits that can undermine our effectiveness.     

4.  4 December - The unique role of the in-house lawyer - we will look at how to juggle these varying responsibilities and how this unique role can be both important and satisfying.

For further information or to register your interest please click on the links above. 

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