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Rachel Reese


Rachel is founder and Director of Global Butterflies, a company that helps businesses to create trans* inclusive environments.

Rachel originally trained as an Avionics Software Engineer working within the defence sector at British Aerospace, later transferring to a senior position within the human resources function.  

An interest in employment law led her to study for the Solicitors’ Final Examinations and join the University of Law working for 15 years in various senior operational roles leading up to Production Director. 

She is Vice Chair of The Law Society LGBT Lawyers Division Committee representing trans* solicitors working within the legal profession and trans* ambassador for Aspiring Solicitors.

She was nominated for the European Diversity Award’s, Coca-Cola Hero of the Year Award in 2017.

Rachel recently joined Give Out as Trustee, a charity that funds LGBT+ causes worldwide.

Rachel spoke at our event - Introduction to Trans* inclusivity on the 11 July, for more information click here.

To read Rachel's viewpoint on gender recognition click here.

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